100MW Project hopeSunHV250KTL

👍👍👍 Hopewind cooperates with #Longi to supply HopeSunHV250KTL for the Shanxi, China 100MW project

100MW 250kW Datong Shanxi China (2)-内容图2.jpg

 - Empowering the future with 100% sustainable energy HopeSunHV250KTL - 12 MPPTs / Supporting high

-power bifacial modules / Supporting IV diagnosis / 24-hour real-time monitoring / Integrated tracking power supply and communication interface / High-precision intelligent String fault/RCD detection /LED indicators / PLC Com AND WHAT'S MORE !!!☀️☀️☀️ There is another 200MW utility project with HopeSunHV250KTL&LONGi PV panels which is under shipping🥳

100MW 250kW Datong Shanxi China (2)-内容图1.jpg

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