indoor retrofit project

Time: October 2020

Location: Yanjing Wind Farm, Qianshan Town, Xuwen County, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province

Model: 35kV direct-mounted 10Mvar water-cooled indoor SVG

         The reactive power compensation device originally configured for this wind farm is a set of 35kV direct-mounted 10Mvar air-cooled indoor SVG, which has been 

out of service for a long time due to its failure and has been out of repair for a long time. The air-cooled heat dissipation method is extremely dusty. , Maintenance is very

troublesome, and the equipment is not fully functional and does not have the relevant requirements for frequency and voltage resistance. Therefore, the overall transformation

of SVG has been carried out. Hopewind responds to the owner’s principle of making use of the old and saving costs as much as possible, combining the characteristics

of our products, borrowing The original bypass switch and soft start resistance are perfectly adapted to field applications and won unanimous praise from the owners.



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