4000m high altitude application case

Time: August 2020

Location: Wuke Wind Farm, Butuo County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province

The site is nearly 4000 meters above sea level, and is characterized by low temperature, low air pressure, thin air, dryness, large temperature difference between day and

 night, strong sunshine, strong wind, thunderstorms, etc., insulation, electrical clearance, temperature rise, lightning protection, and radiation protection of the equipment. ,

 Anti-condensation, etc. have higher requirements. In view of the increase in altitude, in order to ensure that the product has sufficient tolerance when used in a plateau 

environment, Hopewind SVG is designed to correct the electrical clearance and insulation in strict accordance with the correction coefficient in the national standard, and

reserve margins. During the design, all devices have been designed and modified in accordance with the corresponding standards, so that they can meet the needs of 

high-altitude field applications; for the problem of temperature rise, the heat sink of the power module of Hopewind SVG will use a heat sink with a smaller thermal resistance

and a higher thermal conductivity. Materials are used to facilitate heat dissipation; for lightning protection, various measures such as the use of class I lightning protection

and the addition of auxiliary lightning protection devices are adopted to better protect the SVG, avoid lightning strikes, and improve the reliability of SVG; for large temperature

differences and easy condensation In the exposed environment, a heating and dehumidifying air conditioner is added in the container, and the products are subjected to

strict high and low temperature damp heat tests before leaving the factory to ensure excellent performance in anti-condensation, high and low temperature environmental 

adaptability; for strong sunlight, strong ultraviolet rays, etc. Regarding radiation problems, in addition to strictly screening the materials of the components, Hopewind SVG 

also adopts methods such as strengthening cabinet coating, increasing cabinet reflection or material absorption to reduce radiation, ensuring the life cycle, and strictly 

controlling the manufacturing process and flow of the container. To ensure the high mechanical strength and reliable surface treatment of the container, it has complete 

protection measures such as dustproof, fireproof and radiation protection.




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