SVG used in offshore case

Time: October 2019

Location: Jiangjiasha Wind Farm, Hai'an City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province

  The SVG in this project is installed in the land-based centralized control center, located at the seaside, in a humid environment and heavy salt fog area, and the 

distance from the shoreline is about 1km. The equipment is located in a marine environment with a high pollution level, and the maximum humidity can reach more 

than 90%. Hopewind has customized the equipment anti-corrosion level to C5 according to local conditions. The circuit board is fully potted, the control cabinet is airtight, 

and the container is equipped with dehumidification air-conditioning, which is carried out before leaving the factory. Strictly anti-salt spray test, etc., fully consider the 

related design and test of anti-corrosion and anti-salt spray, which is perfectly adapted to field application.



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