Vietnam outdoor solution

Time: February 2019

Location: JANG PONG Photovoltaic Field in Bang Ma Thuot, Vietnam

The installation site of this project is a photovoltaic power station in Bang Ma Thuot, Vietnam. The on-site environment temperature is high, the grid fluctuates greatly, 

and under-voltage occurs during debugging. Under-frequency and other working conditions cause frequent switching of SVG. Hopewind turns on the SVG high and low 

voltage ride-through function. After adjusting to the constant voltage working mode, capacitive or inductive reactive power can be sent out in real time according to the 

fluctuation of the bus voltage, and the bus voltage can be increased or decreased to achieve the purpose of voltage stabilization. The number of switching times is effectively

reduced within the standard range, and it is effectively guaranteed. The normal operation of the power station and the stable power grid.


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