HVRT/LVRT Application in petroleum and petrochemical field

Time: January 2018

Location: Pudong Oil Production Plant, Puyang City, Henan Province

In order to meet the production requirements of oilfield production operations, the oilfield 6kV system has many large-capacity, direct-start high-voltage asynchronous 

motors. The instantaneous starting current (peak up to 1500A) will cause large fluctuations in the grid voltage (the grid voltage drops to 0.8UN ), disrupt the normal 

operation of other equipment on the same power grid, or even cause accidents such as motor failure. Under such harsh power grid conditions, our company has 

simulated the full-voltage start-up test of the high-voltage motor on site many times, and recorded each start-up. Analyzing, by adjusting the SVG internal hardware 

overcurrent value and the upper and lower limits of high and low voltage ride through, it perfectly solves the situation of SVG switch hardware overcurrent trip when

the motor is fully started, and ensures the characteristics of real-time tracking and compensation of the SVG device. Won the unanimous praise of the owners.



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