Off Shore Wind Converter


Wailuo Project, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province


Locatino:Zhanjiang city,Guangdong Province

This Offshore Wind Power Project is a national demonstration project and the first large megawatt offshore wind power project in Guangdong Province. The first phase of large-scale application of 36 Mingyang 5.5MW wind turbines, all equipped with Hopewind offshore professional full power Converter. Hopewind wind power converter uses high-standard corrosion-resistant materials to create a cabinet with high protection level. It is equipped with a complete heating and dehumidification system, and has a high tolerance to harsh environments such as salt spray, mold, and vibration. This system is designed with functions such as fault on-line switching for offshore to improve reliability, and provides assistance for the project to build anti-typhoon offshore wind turbines.


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