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Performance characteristics

1. All voltages 22kW and below are plastic enclosures, and above 22kW are sheet metal enclosures

2. The full range of standard C3 level EMC filters are assembled before leaving the factory, and users can plug and unplug them.

3. Using the latest generation of IGBT, the maximum junction temperature is 175℃

4. Built-in dynamic junction temperature model, real-time monitoring of IGBT junction temperature

5. The standard DC reactor for 5.5kW and above models

6. The independent air duct design can be realized by installing the through-wall bracket, which enhances the environmental adaptability of the inverter, and is especially suitable for harsh applications such as humidity and dust.

7. The fan below 7.5kW adopts no cable design, which can be directly disassembled to improve reliability and facilitate users to replace and clean

8. Built-in brake unit is standard for 22kW and below, built-in brake unit is optional for 22kW and above

9. The terminals of A~E models are designed in a fence style. The fence style design can ensure safe and simple wiring.

10. Multi-speed operation is realized through built-in PLC or control terminal, which can support up to 16-speed PLC operation

11. Flexible I/O interface DIY function

12. All series of products can realize common DC bus control scheme

13. Built-in textile swing frequency and fixed length function to increase the adaptability of special industries

14. Equipped with PID control function to realize closed-loop control of temperature, pressure, flow and other signals to improve the stability and accuracy of production

15. Two sets of motor parameters can be stored. In some occasions that do not need to run at the same time, one driver with multiple motors can be used to save costs and reduce space.

The main parameters



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