HV500 series high performance VFD

HV500 is a high-performance inverter with three product concepts of "universal", "easy to use" and "durable", which is based on the excellent control performance of the HD2000 engineering inverter, and is dedicated to mid-to-high-end industrial single-pass applications. HV500 can be widely used in metallurgy, lifting equipment, paper industry, chemical industry, mining, textile industry, shore power and energy storage and other industrial occasions.

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Performance characteristics

1. Durability

· Meet the mechanical vibration level of 3M3 when the whole machine is running under load, and improve the durability of the product in harsh vibration situations such as vehicles and metallurgy

· The whole machine has an independent air duct design, and the sensitive components are completely isolated from the air duct, which greatly improves the adaptability of the product to the environment

· Built-in dynamic junction temperature model, unique short-circuit, through-through protection technology, and help product safety application

· Three anti-paint automatic spraying, veneer and whole machine fully automated testing, 100% aging at the factory, fully guaranteeing product quality

2. Versatility

· Comply with CE, cULus, STO and other international certification standards, and comply with RoHS directive

· Support open loop V/F, open loop vector (OLVC) and closed loop vector (CLVC) control, fully compatible with industrial applications

· Support asynchronous, permanent magnet synchronous, electric excitation synchronous and other motor drive control

· A universal wide voltage input range that complies with international standards, supports 220V (200~240V), 380V (380~480V) and 690V (500~690V) voltage levels

· Support various industrial application buses such as Profibus, CANopen, Ethercat, Profinet IO and Modbus, easily realize the interconnection of various industrial equipment

3. Ease of use

· Support external 24V DC input power supply, safe and fast debugging application

· The whole series can be built-in brake unit, which is convenient for wiring and saves installation space

· Efforts to create a book-type design that can support seamless side-by-side installation, greatly saving installation space

4. Master-slave control

· The master-slave control function is mainly designed for multi-machine applications, which supports the rigid connection and flexible connection of the transmission actuator. In a rigid connection, the general master controls the speed and the slave controls the torque; in a flexible connection, both the master and the slave can control the speed. In master-slave control, the external control signal is only connected to the master, and the master controls the slave through the serial communication link

5. High torque response

· In torque control mode, the rated torque is added suddenly, and the current response time is about 2ms

· Excitation current and torque current are highly decoupled, with strong load capacity, wide speed range, excellent dynamic performance

6. Flux link observation and speed estimation

· Using a full-order closed-loop flux linkage observer, the motor speed and stator resistance are adaptively identified based on the estimated error of the stator current and the estimated value of the rotor flux linkage. It overcomes the error problem caused by the integral drift of the open loop speed estimation motor parameter change, and reduces the sensitivity to the motor parameter

· Accurate flux observation and speed estimation model to ensure 0.5Hz150% high starting torque in OLVC control mode, and open loop zero speed hovering function

7. The background quick debugging software hopeInsight

· HopeInsight is a quick debugging tool provided by Hewang Electric for drive system design, which is connected to the PC background through optical fiber. The software has a large number of professional debugging functions, such as batch parameter setting, fault data download and waveform design, high-speed oscilloscope and a large number of editing functions; the software supports serial or Ethernet communication, so the software can maintain the inverter through serial communication, or Maintain the inverter in the control room via Ethernet

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