HD2000 series VFD(air cooling)

HD2000 is a multi-axis and single-axis engineering drive system independently researched and developed by Hopewind. Its modular hardware and engineering software design concepts enable it to have drive capabilities under various complex working conditions. HD2000 engineering inverter includes device-type single-axis AC-DC-AC variable frequency drive unit and DC/AC common DC bus multi-axis motor drive unit, and can provide unit cabinet products. The control unit HCU20 of HD2000 engineering inverter has vector, V/F, and servo control functions. It can drive 3 vectors or 8 V/F axes at the same time, and can realize direct parallel connection of 8 power units.

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Performance characteristics

1. Modular and easy maintenance design, modular internal components of the power unit, full frontal maintenance, simple and fast

2. Abundant product series, which can provide air-cooled and water-cooled units and complete machines with two heat dissipation methods, and the power range covers 7.5kW~13200kW

3. Complete rectification front end, including basic rectification, intelligent feedback rectification and AFE rectification, which can form a common bus two-quadrant and four-quadrant transmission system according to customer needs

4. It can be seamlessly connected with mainstream host computers. In addition to supporting mainstream Profibus, CANopen, ModBus RTU protocols, it also supports TCP/IP, CC-Link, DeviceNet and other protocols

5. Multi-motor master-slave synchronization and load balance control, and support free switching of master-slave control for special applications

6. Powerful grid adaptability, supports a wide range of grid input, and has better adaptability to unbalanced grids and harmonic distortion grids

7. It can be adapted to asynchronous induction motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors and synchronous reluctance motors

8. Products can be widely used in metallurgy, petroleum drilling, lifting equipment, mining machinery, marine equipment, test benches, papermaking, textiles, chemicals, custom power supplies, rail transit and other industrial fields

The main parameters



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