EMS System

The micro-grid energy management system EMS is responsible for 

the equipment status monitoring, energy management, statistical 

reports and other functions of the entire micro-grid system. 

The EMS system consists of a microgrid controller MGCC and 

an EMS server. The microgrid controller communicates with the 

energy storage system, photovoltaic inverter system, diesel power

generation system and load power system equipment within the 

controlled microgrid, obtains the status of each system equipment

in real time, and uses energy management strategies to control

the energy of each equipment , to issue equipment start and stop

instructions, and power setting instructions. As the upper computer 

system of MGCC, the EMS server monitors the status of MGCC 

in real time, the status of each device, performs parameter 

management, user management, and report statistics. At the 

same time, it communicates with the higher-level upper computer 

system or the power grid dispatching system to respond to the

upper-level energy Management platform scheduling.

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Performance characteristics

1. The operating system can be selected from Windows, Linux and 

other systems to ensure the safety of power station control and data

2. The system architecture has clear levels and each performs its 

own duties. MGCC is responsible for short-time scale energy 

management strategy and equipment communication. EMS server 

completes long-term energy management

3. The system software and hardware configuration is flexible, and 

the system is stable and reliable. It can be configured quickly and 

flexibly according to the actual project, and the deployment cycle is


4. Advanced and stable energy management strategy. The control 

strategy can maximize the use of the photovoltaic energy and the 

charging and discharging capacity of the energy storage in the 

system, and the off-grid switching is fast and the transition is stable

5. The load management of the system can be optimized to ensure

the uninterrupted emergency power supply of the system

6. The monitoring software is friendly and intuitive. It can visually 

display the status and failure of each device in the system

7. The system communication interface has good openness, which

 is convenient to be compatible with equipment of multiple 

manufacturers and multiple communication protocols

The main parameters


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