Standard cabinet type medium voltage wind power converter

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Performance characteristics

1. Few cables, easy installation

2. High power density, up to 7.0MW

3. Using diode clamp three-level technology

4. Small size, good compatibility and high reliability

5. High equivalent switching frequency, low harmonics and

good dynamic response

6. Switching devices with the same withstand voltage level 

can be used for medium and high voltage large capacity converters

7. Suitable for high-power wind turbines, especially offshore-based

high-power wind turbines

8. Medium voltage wind power converter with container can be

provided according to customer needs, with higher protection level

9. Complete system monitoring and fault diagnosis: hopeInsight 

monitoring software can realize the remote monitoring and fault

diagnosis of a single converter, and the hopeView network monitoring

system can easily realize the networking and monitoring of wind 

farm converters and remote dispatch of active and reactive converters. 

The main parameters



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