Full power converter-950V/1140V

Hopewind Electric provides full-power converters 

of various specifications such as 900V/1140V rated 

voltage, 50Hz/60Hz rated frequency 4.0MW~5.XMW, etc. 

The products contain a number of patented technologies

and have completely independent intellectual property 

rights. The converter adopts liquid cooling method.

According to different application environments, it can 

be divided into standard type, plateau prototype, low 

temperature type, coastal type and offshore type.

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Performance characteristics

Mature design: more than 8 years of three-level development and application

experience, mature supply chain, and more overlap with 690V system

Good power quality: the converter adopts a three-level topology scheme, 

with more output levels and lower harmonic content

Improve the efficiency of the converter: the efficiency is as high as 98% 

under rated conditions, which greatly improves the power generation 

revenue of the unit

Improve unit cost-effective: solve the bottleneck of motor power design, 

reduce the amount of cables inside the unit, and reduce the unit system cost

Energy-saving standby: adopts energy-saving standby mode to reduce the 

loss during the standby period of the converter and water cooling system, 

and increase the owner's power generation income

Remote monitoring and intelligent diagnosis: realize the intelligent diagnosis 

of fan faults through the remote network system of the converter

The main parameters



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