Full power converter-690V-conventional model

Hopewind Electric provides wind power generation of

various specifications such as 1.0MW, 1.5MW, 2.0MW, 

2.5MW, 3.0MW, 4.0MW, 5.0MW, 6.0MW, 8.0MW, 12.0MW, etc., 

with 690V rated voltage and 50Hz/60Hz rated frequency. 

Full power converter contains a number of patented technologies,

with completely independent intellectual property rights. 

According to the technical solution, Hopewind 690V full power

converter is divided into 690V conventional full power converter

and 690V modular full power converter; according to different

application environments, Hopewind Electric full power converter

can be divided into standard Type, plateau prototype, low 

temperature type, coastal type and offshore type.

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Performance characteristics

Good motor matching: compatible with permanent magnet motors,

electric excitation motors, asynchronous squirrel cage motors

Flexible structural design: flexible with one-line and back-to-back, 

to facilitate customers' flexible structural layout

High reliability design: high protection level, especially suitable for

high salt spray, high pollution and high humidity environments

Offshore special design: rich experience in offshore applications, 

perfect design for protection, corrosion, moisture, condensation, and mildew

High-power failure redundancy: When two machines are connected

in parallel, support a single converter to operate independently, and

support online fault switching

Energy-saving standby: adopts energy-saving standby mode to reduce

the loss during the standby period of the converter and water cooling 

system, and increase the owner's power generation income

Remote monitoring and intelligent diagnosis: realize the intelligent 

diagnosis of fan faults through the remote networking system of the converter

The main parameters



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