10kV indoor(liquid cooling)


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Performance characteristics

HSVG series products can effectively compensate system reactive

power, improve power factor, reduce line loss,

Improve line transmission stability, suppress voltage fluctuations 

and flicker, and suppress three-phase unbalanced and harmonic

power grid

Wave dynamic compensation, improve power quality, maintain the

voltage of the receiving terminal, strengthen the system voltage 

stability, improve the static and dynamic stability of high power 


Its main advantages are as follows:

1. The cabinet structure is compact, the module is light and the 

floor space is small

2. Power module redundancy design, strong continuous operation

ability of the whole machine

3. Wider operating range and faster response speed

4. Diversified compensation functions and more flexible control

5. Humanized interface design, full touch screen operation

6. The water-cooling protection level is higher, and it is more suitable

for harsh application environments

The main parameters



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