Doubly-fed Converter-690V-Fan Cooling

Hopewind Electric HWDF069 series doubly-fed converters are mainly used in 

wind power systems with doubly-fed generators to obtain the best power 

generation efficiency and power quality. When the generator speed changes 

with wind speed, the converter changes the rotor magnetic field 

by controlling the excitation of the generator rotor, so that the frequency, phase, 

and amplitude of the generator output voltage are consistent with the grid, so as 

to realize the speed change of the wind power system Constant frequency power

generation. By changing the frequency, amplitude and phase of the rotor excitation 

current, the generator frequency, active and reactive power can also be adjusted.

Hopewind Electric provides 690V rated voltage, 50Hz/60Hz rated frequency 1.5MW, 

2.0MW, 2.5MW, 3.2MW, 3.6MW, 4.2MW, 5.6MW and other specifications of wind 

power double-fed converters. The products include many patented technology 

with completely independent intellectual property rights. According to different cooling 

methods, doubly-fed converters can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled. 

According to different application environments, doubly-fed converters can be divided

into standard type, high prototype, low temperature type, and coastal type.

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Performance characteristics

High power density: power density is increased by 30%, which improves the

flexibility of unit design

Platform design: the size and structural layout of the entire series of converters

are kept consistent, reducing unit design work

Spare parts normalization: the key components of the full range of converters

such as grid-connected contactors, fans, etc. are designed to be unified, reducing

the types of spare parts

Optimized heat dissipation design: Optimize the heat dissipation layout in the 

cabinet, and add external cooling fans to improve the environmental adaptability of

the converter

Improve converter efficiency: optimize filter design, reduce grid side and rotor

excitation current, and reduce converter loss

Remote monitoring and intelligent diagnosis: realize the intelligent diagnosis of

fan faults through the remote networking system of the converter

The main parameters



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