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Company Profile

Hopewind Electric Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 603063) focuses on the research, manufacturing, sales and service of renewable energy and electric drive products. The main products are wind power converters, PV inverters, BESS, SVG and industry drive (variable frequency drive). Furthermore, Hopewind owns independent development & testing platforms of integrated high-power electrical equipment and monitoring systems. Through innovation in technology and service, Hopewind continuously creates value for customers, becomes one of the most competitive enterprises in the renewable energy field. 

In the field of renewable energy, Hopewind's product series covers 850kW~24MW wind power converters, 5kW~3.125MW PV inverters and 1.0MW~6.25MW inverter containers.

In the field of energy storage, Hopewind provides 50kW~3.45MW energy storage converters, EMS, off-grid controllers and other equipment, which are widely used on the power generation side, grid side, user side and micro-grid side.

In the field of power quality, Hopewind provides SVG products ranging from 30kvar to 100Mvar, which have been widely used in various fields and industries such as regional power grids, wind power, photovoltaics, petrochemicals, coal, steel, oil fields and rail transit.

In the field of electric transmission, Hopewind provides complete sets of transmission solutions ranging from 0.4kW to 60MW, which can be widely used in metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical, mining machinery, port lifting, distributed energy power generation, large-scale test platforms, marine equipment, textiles, chemicals, cement, municipal and other industrial applications.

Hopewind always adheres to the concept of "scientific and technological innovation, talents strengthen the enterprise", and has a growing team of talents with excellent technology and high comprehensive quality including doctors and masters. Among Hopewind members, 53% have a bachelor's degree (inclusive) or above, 20% have a master's degree or above, and 47% of the total R&D personnel are postgraduates in the R&D team. "Respect for talents" is our talent development strategy. At the same time, we provide employees with broad development space, a harmonious working atmosphere, and competitive salaries and benefits.

Hopewind is willing to work with you to contribute to the global renewable energy industry!