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Hopewind Electric successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange - Hope With The Wind

       On July 28, 2017, Shenzhen Hopewind Electric Co., Ltd. (603063, hereinafter referred to as Hopewind) was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, opening a new chapter in corporate development. The company publicly issued 60 million shares at a price of 13.36 yuan per share.

       The funds raised by Hopewind's public offering of shares will be used for the R&D project of a new generation of offshore wind power high-power converters and low-voltage engineering inverter series products, the construction of the Suzhou production base, and the construction of the R&D center.

“风禾尽起 志望千里”——禾望电气上交所成功挂牌-内容图1.jpg

“风禾尽起 志望千里”——禾望电气上交所成功挂牌-内容图2.jpg


“风禾尽起 志望千里”——禾望电气上交所成功挂牌-内容图3.jpg

“风禾尽起 志望千里”——禾望电气上交所成功挂牌-内容图4.jpg

“风禾尽起 志望千里”——禾望电气上交所成功挂牌-内容图5.jpg

“风禾尽起 志望千里”——禾望电气上交所成功挂牌-内容图6.jpg

“风禾尽起 志望千里”——禾望电气上交所成功挂牌-内容图7.png

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