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Good news | Hopewind assisted the successful batch operation of the Ulyanovsk project in Russia

 A few days ago, good news came from the Ulyanovsk wind farm in Russia. Through the dedicated commissioning of Hopewind after-sales personnel and the arduous and long-lasting 240 duty, Hopewind successfully helped the Ulyanovsk project to achieve batch operation. This good news also brings a touch of warmth to this cold winter day.



The project is located on the outskirts of the new city of Ulyanovsk, Russia, less than 10 kilometers from the Volga River. It is currently the first large-scale wind power project developed in Russia with a total installed capacity of 35MW. Among them, the 14 wind turbines of the project all use Hopewind full-power 2.5MW converters, which have been successfully connected to the grid during the initial commissioning and have been operating in good condition since they were connected to the grid. Hopewind full-power converter can realize grid-connected with zero grid impact, and has superior fault ride-through capability. It can cooperate with generators to realize grid-connected friendly wind turbines. At the same time, the grid-side converter has superior active power, reactive power and voltage regulation performance.






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