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Company Profile

Hopewind Electric Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 603063) focuses on the research, manufacture, sale and service of renewable energy & electric drive products and the main products: 

wind power converter, photovoltaic generation inverter as well as the industry drive (variable frequency drive). Furthermore, Hopewind owns independent development & testing 

platforms of integrated high-power electric equipment and monitoring system. Through innovation in technology and service, Hopewind continuously creates value for customers, 

and it has become one of the most competitive enterprises in renewable energy field. 

Hopewind provides 5kW to 8kW mono-phase inverter for residential projects, 10kW to 110kW three-phase medium power inverter for commercial projects (400Vac) , 40kW to 

125kW and DC1500V 250kW high power inverter for large power station projects. And we also provide the corresponding WiFi/GPRS wireless modules as well as the data 

collector modules to meet the requirement of remote monitoring as well as system operation and maintenance management.Hopewind provides competitive overall solutions as 

well, which including centralized/centralized-distributed high-power PV generation systems.

For centralized inverter solution,there are 500kW, 630kW and 800kW for 1100V series inverters and 1250kW, 1562.5kW, 2500kW and 3125kW inverters for 1500V series. 

Meanwhile, Hopewind provides 1MW, 1.25MW, 1.5625MW, 2MW, 2.5MW, 3.125MW, 4MW, 5MW, 6.25MW, 6.8MW for integrated turnkey solution.

For the wind converter, Hopewind provides doubly-fed and full power types and the power rate ranges from 750kW to 10MW for onshore/offshore situation.

For the industry drive, Hopewind provides VFD and the power rate ranges from 0.4kW to 30MW which can be widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, large-scale test benches, 

mining, marine engineering, chemical industry and various other industrial applications.

For the SVG/STATCOM, Hopewind provides products ranging from 30kvar to 100Mvar, which have been widely used 

in power grids, wind power, photovoltaics, petrochemicals, coal, steel, oil fields, rail transit and other industries fields.

For the energy storage, Hopewind provide overall solutions which contains PCS, EMS, Battery and turnkey solution